How Joanne and Matthew made time stand still on their wedding day.



We love hearing wedding stories, and as many as we’ve heard, we’re always blown away by the unique additions couples manage to incorporate into their wedding plans. 

Take Joanne and Matthew for example who decided to leave some precious items and memories in a time capsule. What a fabulous way to make time stand still for this gorgeous couple. The experience was made extra special by the fact the capsule was created for them by a family member. Joanne tells you all about this fantastic idea in her own words below.

We were really impressed with Joanne and Matthews decision to use a lot of Auckland-based businesses for their wedding, ourselves included. They chose a fantastic West Auckland wedding venue making their photographs (taken by Chris Turner) an adventure not to be forgotten! As we are also based in West Auckland we can’t help but be a little bit proud when our locals get to showcase their fabulous products and services.



What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? And if no theme, the feel you wanted to achieve on the day?

I went with a rustic, vintage theme. The final look ended up looking very romantic and awesome. I went with purples/pinks/cream for my colours which complimented each other really well

What did you love about your venue?

Our venue - Cassels on Scenic Drive North was absolutely amazing! Leigh and her amazing staff for made our day truly amazing! 

From the setting of the date, our consult 6 weeks prior, the rehearsal and the day of the wedding, it was all stress-free and a breeze. Leigh's organisation is exceptional and our wedding day flowed smoothly and without a hitch.  The food was amazing (so many compliments on this) and the set up was beautiful - Leigh was really accommodating of our needs and wants for our special day which we loved. The staff and service were also exceptional.

How did you display your wedding guestbook on the day?

We popped our guest book on a table in the marquee area while the bridal party were out for photos. We framed a note saying "leaf a print and sign your name". Once we were back, we moved it inside for guests to look at and sign during the night. 

What was feedback from your guests on your guestbook?

Our guests loved the guestbook - we got so many compliments on it and they loved the touch of it - it definitely added to our day. 


Did your wedding have any DIY elements? 

I made all of the menu cards, name labels and guest favours myself. 

Favourite moment from the day?

My favourite moment of the day was the sense of serene calm as I reached the altar and my husband-to-be and I held hands after I nearly cried my eyes out walking down the aisle. Another favourite memory is heading off to our photos - the location was definitely off the beaten track and it was very funny getting there! 

Ooh, I forgot to add that we had a time capsule box which was made by my husband’s grandfather. We popped some good red wine in it along with letters from our parents, each other and our bridal party for us to read in 20 years. I popped in my sash from my hens do and Matt popped in some newspapers from the day we were married. Our celebrant put in a copy of our ceremony and our vows. It is padlocked and will be opened on the 8/1/2037

Thanks so much to Joanne and to Matthew for taking the time to tell us all about their wedding day. We love hearing real life stories so don’t be shy! Your stories help brides & grooms-to-be with ideas, gives you a chance to re-live your wedding day and helps to showcase a range of businesses.

Just in case you didn’t know, any stories we feature receive a free 8 x 10 fine art photo print. What are you waiting for??! Email us now to get the ball rolling…. 

To find out more about Joanne and Matthew’s lovely wedding day vendors, read on….

Your names: Joanne Wallis & Matthew Wallis
Wedding Venue: Cassels
Wedding Date: 08th January 2017
List of vendors:





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How Adam and Jenn Reversed the polarity of the neutron flow

OK, ok, so you have to be a Dr Who fan to understand the heading, for you Harry Potter Fans, how about this instead:

Jenn Catches Her Golden Snitch

You can’t blame us for trying….


All the beautiful images in this blog post were captured by Connect Photography


We first met Adam and Jenn at the Bride and Groom Show in 2016. This is when they excitedly told us about their interests:

Him: A Whovian (Dr Who fan)

Her: A Potterhead (A Harry Potter Fan)

They explained how they wished to combine both passions to create a totally unique and personalised wedding.

Do we like a challenge? YES! Therefore, we were super excited to create a wedding guestbook based on these fantastic themes. And create it we did.

We think you will enjoy reading all about Adam and Jenn’s unique wedding we certainly did, especially the part where Jenn’s father offered some advice. We couldn’t help but think of this classic Harry Potter catchphrase:

Not to be rude or anything, but this isn’t really a great time for me to have a House Elf in my bedroom

You’ll understand when you get to it…..!!!!


Your Names:
Adam and Jenn

Wedding Date:
19th November 2016

Ceremony Venue: 
St Leonards Chapel and Gardens , Auckland.

Reception Venue:
McHughs Of Cheltenham, Devonport

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme? 

“The Geeks in Us” traditional meet geek

Our interests! We wanted something unique to us and that’s how we decided on a geeky themed wedding. He’s a Whovian and I’m a Potterhead. We fully immersed our personalities into it rather than going for the usual wedding decorations. We both combined our interests and had a wedding with not just one theme but two. Instead of concentrating on what the bride wanted the groom also had as much input which is pretty  unheard of these days. We had a beautifully rehearsed dance, with a base of ballet and contemporary.



What did you love about your venue?

On my side, I had a lot of family coming from overseas, Hong Kong, Taiwan, London, America .. so we wanted something that showed Auckland’s scenery and natural beauty. We first fell in love with St Leonards so we looked at different reception venues in that area. When we saw the view from McHughs of Cheltenham, we couldn’t say no. The restaurant manager was friendly and the food was great. We just loved the feel of the place and the stunning view of Rangitoto outside.


How did you display your wedding guestbook on the day?

Near the entrance! Our emcee and helpers would welcome guests and direct them to the Whomping Willow!


What was feedback from your guests on your guestbook?

Guests who were familiar with Doctor Who and Harry Potter knew the design concept straightaway. Guests who aren’t familiar with the fandoms thought it was a unique tree design. Overall, the guests loved our personalised the design was and how it really fitted in with Adam and myself. It tied the wedding together, just like our wedding cake.

Did your wedding have any DIY elements?

Quite a lot … 

  • We hand painted our own aisle runner (never again!)
  • Golden snitches - having dozens of golden snitches hanging in your house for months was not fun, especially when you have a cat and the snitches’ wings were made out of feathers.
  • Burgundy coloured mason jars: I dyed the inside of the jars myself (something I do at my kindy all the time) - PVA glue and colour dye. Again, wasn’t fun when they are drying in the house and your cat is just so damn curious. When the jars were dry, I stuck vinyl stickers of tardies and golden snitches on them.
  • Our ceremony program and reception program: That took forever … 
  • Reserved seat tags
  • Seating plan: my friend and I designed it together


Favourite moment / memory from the day? 

Definitely our ceremony .. that moment when I saw him standing at the altar .. I felt so at peace and so blessed to be marrying my best friend. And seeing MONTHS of hard work put together just so beautifully.

Adam said his favourite was seeing me walking down the aisle in a WHITE dress “the girls and I have been saying its flamingo colours and bright pink” and eating our wedding cake. 


Funny Moments!

  1. While getting our professional photos done (after the ceremony), our best man crashed one of the bridal cars … My husband and I were getting our individual photos taken and we heard a crash and we were like, “ohhh was that a crash? Na.” Then when we got back to our bridal cars … we found out it was one of our cars. 
  2. When it was cake cutting time .. our sonic screwdriver knife broke and snapped into two!
  3. The weather was cloudy and damp, slight drizzle, so sand flies were everywhere and they particularly loved the tulle of my dress. I felt like a personal mosquito net.  
  4. My father’s speech .. he is a faithful catholic .. so he started explaining about the importance of sexual relations (exact words) after marriage. Needless to say, everyone was trying not to laugh and my poor husband, Adam, was sinking lower and lower into his seat.
  5. I was starving … I was too nervous to eat - we had to wake up at 5am to begin my make-up and hair. I only had coffee and felt like I was going to puke the whole morning. I did not get to eat until the reception, which was dinner. I couldn’t eat much because the dress was fitted and I was over hungry .. So when the reception finished at midnight .. My best woman drove one of the bridal cars with me and my husband (still in a wedding dress and suit) to McDonalds. 


Where have you displayed your guestbook at home?

We are waiting till after honeymoon so we can save enough money to get professional framing. We are looking at getting UV protection glass etc. because we want to keep it in pristine quality forever!


Thanks to Adam and Jenn for taking the time to tell us about their stunning wedding day which they clearly worked hard to achieve and enjoy.

We would love to hear more stories from our gorgeous couples about their wedding adventures so please do get in touch with us:

Just a reminder, that each real wedding that we feature we will send you a free 8x10 fine art photo print of one of your wedding photos.

We would like to wish Adam and Jenn much joy in their marriage and finish off with an Albus Dumbledore Quote:

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

If you want to see more here is the video of this stunning wedding from Top Studio

Jennifer & Adam's Wedding Highlight MV from Top Studio on Vimeo.

We asked Adam and Jenn to tell us which suppliers they used ………. so just for you here are all the details ......

Connect Photography NZ 

Top Studio here is a link to Adam and Jenn's Wedding 

Father Rory Morrissey - a priest of the Diocese of Auckland in New Zealand

Devine Rentals 2 Mercedes

Bride Outfit:

: Converse custom made through their online store to fit our wedding colours with the words Bride, Groom, Best Man, Best Woman embroidered onto them.
: Etsy
: Karen Walker, Etsy, Lovisa, Pandora
Wedding bands
: Michael Hill
: Wendy Makin
Hair: Best Man’s sister
Make Up: Amie Rolleston

Groom Outfit
Suit -YD Australia,
Shoes:  Converse
Cufflinks:  Custom Gallifreyan cufflinks from Etsy

Bridesmaid Dresses: ASOS

Sweet Bites Cakes

Paper flowers from Harry Potter and Doctor Who books – Etsy

Gryffindor quill - Etsy


Reception dinner, food provided by McHughs.

Mix It DJ 

 Reception Decor/Props:

  • My Guest Book for our custom made Whomping Willow fingerprint tree 
  • Doctor Who and Harry Potter EVERYTHING.
  • Our seating chart was the wizarding world map.
  • Doctor Who and Harry Potter bunting behind the bridal table
  • Table centre pieces were set up with POP characters, paper confetti, candles and tiles.
  • Handmade golden snitches hanging from the ceiling



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