We needed all our ducks in a row for this one .......

If you look at a duck swimming on a lake, it looks so relaxed and yet we all know its little legs are going 10 to the dozen underneath the water. This is how I felt recently when a rush order came in one Monday morning.

In fact, the order came in as an inquiry first and went something like this:

We need a custom-made guestbook for an event to farewell one of our directors who is retiring.

By Thursday. For Friday's leaving event.

We are in Christchurch.

Just one of those requirements is usually enough to get us rushing around at the My Guestbook HQ, never mind custom made/rush order and time challenged!

In case you didn’t know, or you’re reading about My Guestbook for the first time please bear with us as we ask you to do something:

Look at your hands.


We’re serious.

Look at your hands.

When something says handmade it means the item has been made with a pair of hands.

In our case either ours or a pair of hands belonging to our team of artisans who help make our range of guestbooks.

Custom made is another step in the handmade process

  • You tell us your requirements
  • We follow your instructions
  • We design and hand make your guestbook

Remember, this guestbook order came in on a Monday and needed to be in Christchurch by Thursday, so when we had yet another little challenge given to us, because clearly, we didn’t have enough, our legs started paddling like they’d never paddled before!

The next hurdle?

We were informed it needed to be signed off by a senior manager before we could start creating. We just crossed our fingers and hoped the team at Eliot Sinclair could get this signed off quickly.

THANKFULLY, they were just brilliant and just as keen as we were to have the guestbook delivered on time.

And delivered on time it was. It was teamwork all the way. By crikey. my nails suffered badly waiting for news of its safe arrival. BUT, WE DID IT! PHEW! Well, we’re guessing you know this, as who writes a blog about a failed order!!

We were already excited about meeting this challenge so it was utterly gorgeous to get this email in our inbox shortly after the guestbooks arrival in Christchurch:

I have received it!!!!!! It looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you again for your prompt and AWESOME service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so, so, so proud of this stunning guestbook whose cover matches the brand colours of our client, Eliot Sinclair. The event was in honour of one of their directors, Marton Sinclair. He was clearly very well thought of as 120 people attended the farewell gathering.

The guestbook was made extra special, and personal, by the team at Eliot Sinclair designing a custom insert for the window on the cover. Once this had been emailed to us we printed it onto fine art paper (we don’t have to tell you just how much we love prints on fine art paper) it looked simply divine.

They also sent through a photograph of Marton and the following words:

‘’We are celebrating the successful career of our founding director Marton Sinclair,

who retired after 46 years with Eliot Sinclair & Partners Ltd”

Both of which were used to design the custom front page. The see-through page we added at the front to protect the photograph gave it an extra classy look.

Finished off with gold Chicago screws the result was a beautiful, personal keepsake gift for this farewell event.

We wish Marton all the very best on his next adventures.

So, you could say, in the end, it all went swimmingly well!

If you would like to order one of our custom retirement guestbooks you can see more information in our shop. 

March 06, 2017 — Tracey Ashton

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