Our guestbooks are a unique, and personal, way to remember who shared your day with you. They are interactive, creative and a beautiful keepsake to treasure for years to come! 

To make sure your guestbook print turns out as beautiful as possible when your guests make their mark on it at your event we have included some tips for you:

  • Transport your fingerprint guestbook to your venue in the packaging provided. This will help with easy pack up at the end of the event to prevent any damage occurring.
  • Display your tree on a flat hard surface.
  • Place the instruction card we include with your print in a small frame clearly visible next to your tree. This will help guests know how to use your fingerprint guest book.
  • Place a box of hand wipes / baby wipes on the table next to your fingerprint guestbook so attendees can wipe their fingers after sharing their fingerprint or thumbprint. Our inks wipe off easily so guests need not worry about it not coming off.
  • Have a small rubbish bin / basket handy so guests can dispose of their used hand wipe.
  • Remember to sign your own fingerprint guestbook. If you do this before the event your fingerprints will give guests a visual ‘how to’ plus you get to choose where you want your fingerprints to be on the empty tree.
  • After the event if you want to fill in any gaps on the tree simply use your own fingerprints to add extra blank leaves.
  • You may choose to have a family member / friend who is not part of the bridal party to stand near the guestbook table in order to encourage and guide guests on what to do. This can help ensure as many of your guests as possible participate in leaving their mark. It is also helpful in achieving even distribution of colour and fingerprints.  
  • It is important to only use the archival quality inks and pens we have provided with your tree. Your print is made from archival grade fine art paper, which should only be used in conjunction with archival inks and pens.
Fingerprint guest books are a fun and unique way of creating a piece of art to help you remember who shared your special day.
We recommend you have your print professionally framed to retain the archival qualities of your print for many years to come. We can arrange framing for you or supply a ‘Framing Guide’ to help you. Please contact us and we can email a guide to you.