As the New Zealand borders start to open and travelers from around the globe start to fill our hotels, lodges and holiday homes, go the extra mile with a bespoke guestbook. 

When it comes to holiday accomodation, it's the personal touches that create memorable stays. A thoughtful host will want to create a space with guest experience in mind, from the decor and styling, to what's in the kitchen cupboards, it's the little things that leave big impressions. 

One of my favorite holiday home guest book ideas is a simple book where guests can share positive reviews and stories from their stay. A handmade book with gorgeous tactile paper for the pages and ample room for writing, your guests will feel the quality and love writing about their experience. 

Travelling around NZ with my family, staying in a variety of places such as Airbnb, Hotels, Motels and Bach’s, I was often shocked at the lack of quality guestbooks. I found some had guestbooks available but they often didn’t really reflect how lovely our accomodation was or inspire me to want to write in them. Lots of off the shelf corporate looking books that didn't really match the beachy decor or a book with pages falling out of it hidden away in a drawer. Another pet hate, I know I'm biased, but heavily lined pages with lots of columns for all my personal details (no thanks) but no white space for me to write how much I loved staying. Give guests room for creative flair to write lots of rave comments.

I love reading other guest comments and love giving feedback, especially when it’s deserved. After a great stay give your guests a book that they will want to read and want to write in. Put it in a place where they can see it, read it and write in it.

Whether you want a book for your luxury lodge or a book for your Airbnb get in touch and let's chat!

How are you going to make your next guests feel at home?


March 23, 2022 — Tracey Ashton

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