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You know that feeling where you want to see the photo the instant you take it?

Too impatient to wait until after an event to see the photos displayed in a guestbook or album?

Well, well, well do we have a solution for your little impatient selves!

Let us introduce our fabulous instax photo guestbooks, which, are not just guestbooks but albums too.

They are just perfect for any type of event where you have friends, family, workmates gathered to celebrate a special occasion.

18th Birthday party coming up? 21st? Or have you sailed past those years and moved graciously into other decades??

It doesn’t matter what birthday youre celebrating, grab an Instax photo guestbook, grab your instax camera, some film and get snapping. As soon as those gorgeous photos pop out, you simply pop them in the book and have your guests write a message next to their photo.

Theses beautiful books are hand crafted by our artisan book binder. We LOVE NZ made, and love to support artisans who produce such wonderful works of art. Made with hands, enjoy watching these guestbooks fill up with photos and messages during your special event, whatever that might be.

Great for:

Children’s Birthday Parties: Imagine their scrumptious faces and their childlike writing. Precious!

This guestbook is so classic and classy, with its black book cloth cover and gold chicago screws. It fits right in with any special event you would like to create, whether it be an Anniversary, Baby shower, graduation or an office leaving party.

I’m sure we don’t need to tell you what fun you could have taking your guestbook album on an adventure with a group of Hens out on the town! Maybe we ought to suggest a sober looker-after-er. Or maybe not, you could wake up the next day to discover some fabulous photo keepsakes of your hilarious night, combined with some interesting messages. And no need to worry about fiddling around with tricky little dots or glue sticks to secure the photos. There are little slits pre cut in the pages so you can safely tuck the photos in. Just like the old fashioned albums.

Our Instant Photo Guestbook has been designed to house the prints taken with a instax mini 8 camera which are all the rage at the moment.


The waiting is over!

No longer will you have to wait ages for your guestbook/album to arrive with your photos intact. These are fabulous gifts to yourself or someone about to celebrate an occasion worthy of recording in photos and words.

A beautiful, playful and thoughtful keepsake in an instant. 

July 20, 2016 — My Guestbook

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