Imagine leafing through the pages of your visitors book after you have collected years and years of entries from all the people who’ve stayed. 

Visitors Books in hotels started out in the nineteenth century as a place where guests on their travels could leave their mark to show that they had been there, making their identity known and highlighting their status. 

In more recent years books tended to be very formal with narrow lines where your name, address, phone number and email address where requested. Covers were often synthetic and cheaply bound unless you were in a luxury hotel where the guestbook might be hand-bound and leather with a price tag to match.  

Fast forward a few years and I don’t know about you but I’m not that keen to share personal contact details with all and sundry who stay after me so I would tend to leave my name, city and a review of the place or tips on our favourite local place to visit. The narrow lines are never user friendly so the pages often end up a mess of messages all over the place as guests aren’t sure where to write. 

We decided our visitors books were going to be more user friendly, have gorgeous paper inside and have the option to be personalised on the cover. 

Our pages allow guests a bit more freedom to be creative. More room to write how much they loved their stay or write a poem or sketch in that’s what they want to do. We love plain pages but we can print custom pages with some lines if you prefer. Whatever style you choose the paper will be tactile and gorgeous  to impress your guests. 

Who doesn’t love to read a visitors book to see what people have written over the years and see where people have travelled from. As you turn the pages all is revealed, from Auckland to Alaska and everywhere in between maybe!

We loved making this visitors book for Kokotuku Sanctuary in the Bay of Islands. This amazing four bedroom farmhouse has stunning views from the top boundary over the Te Puna Inlet. 

The A4 visitors book was hand-bound with black book cloth and gold Chicgao screws. We laser engraved the cover to make it bespoke. 

kotoku sanctuary visitors book


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November 08, 2022 — Tracey Ashton

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