This year has flown by and Christmas is almost upon us. Every year it seems to creep up on us and every year I say the same thing. Although to be fair, when visiting a $2 shop in the mall in JUNE this year, they did have their Christmas decorations up. Or maybe, they just never took them down. 

Anyway, Christmas is going to happen, just as it does every year. So imagine what it would feel like to find the perfect gift for your family. Surely you would feel relieved, sorted, happy if not a little smug (go on, you’re allowed!!).

As we all know, it gets harder and harder to buy a meaningful gift for friends and family as we get older. It seems we have so much ‘stuff’ already. We love meaningful gifts and judging by the feedback we get from our customers, our family tree keepsakes have hit the spot in this department. These fingerprint family trees are notoriously popular for several reasons:

  • They are so unique
  • Fun to engage with
  • OH so personal
  • A delight to watch as they fill up
  • Precious family keepsakes

So imagine a fingerprint tree designed to capture the essence of each family member and have it displayed in a gorgeous family tree. Get the tissues out you’re going to need them when you see the finished piece!

Are your family scattered around NZ? The world?

No problems, our family trees arrive flat packed and unframed, making it easy for you to send to relatives in far flung places. As they are printed on beautiful fine art paper this brings a touch of elegance into the equation.

Simply present it to the head of the family as a gift on Christmas Day, allowing them to complete the tree with their fingerprints. With several gorgeous designs to work with the family tree is a unique gift. Think of those brownie points!!!

Easy peasy. To get started now,

  1. Order your fingerprint tree
  2. Fill it with family members who live close by
  3. Send it on to out of town relatives
  4. Unique gift ready for Christmas Day

If you allow yourself the gift of time you can relax knowing that this year, your Christmas gift is effectively, taking care of itself!

And ......... we will let you know one more thing, if you (and other family members) love it so much, we can reproduce the original for you. We will simply scan it in and print (once again) onto fine art paper creating a keepsake for all the family members who would love one.

We are only an email or a phone call away and always happy to have a chat:


November 01, 2020 — Tracey Ashton

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