DEEEEEEEEP breath. Whether this was a total surprise (and by that we mean a total surprise not a pretend surprise) or not, there’s work to be done!

will you marry me

Once the calls to relatives and friends have been made, the obligatory selfie ring photographs posted across all social media platforms and you’ve insured the bling…..what happens next?

Our recommendation is, whatever order you do things in, YOU MAKE IT FUN!

Besides, stress only ages you and this is the beginning of the lead up to your special day and life together so here’s our take on now what?

Take time together to chat about your ideas for your wedding.


Who to involve?


Once you have a timeframe you can work backwards.

Setting a budget is a great way to ensure things don’t escalate and get out of hand.

The Bride and Groom Show

We recommend (if you’re in NZ) putting the Bride and Groom Show on your calendar.


Not only is it New Zealand's largest wedding show, but it also has everything you need to plan a wedding under one roof. Including us, My Guestbook!

We are more than happy to chat with you at the show about your Guestbook options - and before you think stuffy old formal ones, think again! We have a fantastic range from Bespoke Guestbooks to Fingerprint trees and lots in between.

Meanwhile, back to the, what’s next list. Here are our top 5 tips.

  1. Keep talking to each other and be clear about what you each want. Trying to please the other only ends up with a wedding that reflects nobodies personality or tastes!
  2. Eco (green) weddings are on the rise, look up how other people have got married leaving a small carbon footprint. Eco-weddings don’t have to be all about wearing boho dresses with daises in your hair (unless you want that of course!). There’s something beautiful and calming about simplicity over extravagance. The most important thing is you do it YOUR WAY!
  3. How many guests? Where to put them? Most people start with a venue then think about who to invite. Turn it around and you’re more likely to find a perfect match! (i.e not too big/not too small/just right).
  4. Stick-it notes can be your best friend during this process. Write out steps on the notes - and form a ladder down your wall. Too big a step? Break it down and spread across more stick-it notes. This is a great way, to see your progress as you move the notes over to the other side of the wall as a task is completed.
  5. Ask for help when and where you need to. You’ll be surprised at how many people will be keen to help where they can.

We are so excited for you both and look forward to meeting some of you in May at the Bride and Groom Show.

Wishing you a happy ever after!

February 05, 2019 — TRACEY ASHTON

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