With plant-based diets becoming more and more popular these days as people become more actively aware of what they’re eating, it’s not surprising to learn the NZ Vegetarian Society just celebrated their 75th Anniversary.


I loved creating this Guestbook for the society which I have to say, they all loved! I was pretty chuffed with myself that I had the exact colour of inks that matched their brand colours too.

It was a lovely way for the close-knit group to acknowledge just how far they’ve come, and how hard they’ve worked to promote the health and well being of their fellow New Zealanders and animals alike. It’s amazing to think that their founding member, Geoffrey Hodson, had the vision to set up such a group as far back as 1943 when a meat-eating population was considered the norm.

I not only delivered the Guestbook but was invited to stay and take part in the evening. I was fascinated to hear some NZ Society members talk about being third or fourth generation plant-based eaters making it a ‘norm’ in the family to be a vegetarian, rather than ridiculed or being told it’s a fad. This told me that a plant-eating lifestyle in New Zealand is clearly not a new thing.

Guests were treated to an utterly delicious meal (all vegetarian of course!) and feasted like royalty at the stunning Heritage Hotel in Auckland which, incidentally, was the first hotel in New Zealand to receive an accreditation by the NZ Vegetarian Society for its special menu options for plant-based and vegetarian diners.

At the risk of sounding like a brand ambassador for the Heritage (I’m not, just a fan!) I have to rave about the exquisite bouquet of vegetables the staff created especially for the dinner. I think you’ll agree with me on how utterly unique it is.

It’s not often I get to see any of my Guestbook’s in action at an event either! I was thrilled to hear the comments and feedback from the guests. Comments such as: 

“This is so unique”

“Oh how wonderful”

“What a cool idea!”

“I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

I was really honoured to spend an evening with such a thoughtful, kind and caring group of people and I particularly loved how welcoming everyone was. If you’d like to know more about this organisation you can visit them here: http://www.vegetarian.org.nz

November 08, 2018 — TRACEY ASHTON

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