When do guests sign the guestbook?


The rule of thumb, is when it feels right for you and your wedding arrangements!

The most important thing is though, is that it does get signed as it will be a very special record of your precious day (along with your memories and photographs of course!).

Here are five helpful hints to think about to help you decide:Firstly, what have you chosen as your guestbook? For example, If you are using an instax photo guestbook, ideally guests sign the book at the same time they stick their photographs into the book. If you are doing this during the reception, cocktail hour or when the dancing begins then that would be the best time to do it all in one go.

  1. If you use the anytime’ option, be sure to announce it and make someone responsible for it. You can read more on this here 
  2. If you are having a very formal occasion where you have announcements made throughout the day to inform your guests as to what is taking place next. You could always incorporate a formal book signing. Those who are unsure of what to write could always wait last in line. Nothing like a little pressure to get those thoughts flowing!
  3. Having your wedding guestbook by the entrance of the reception not only looks classy and welcoming but is a great time to capture your guests best wishes as they arrive.
  4. You could always have your guests sign the book at the ceremony if there is going to be any significant gap (signing the register, photographs that don’t involve the guests). Then have someone move the guestbook to the reception area and guests can continue to sign it through the evening. So we come back to the beginning where you decide what will suit your timeframe and based on what kind of book you decide to use.

 Have fun and enjoy looking back on your special day with your wedding guestbook.


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August 15, 2016 by My Guestbook

Where to put your wedding guestbook

There have never been more choices for wedding guestbooks. But one thing has remained the same throughout, without interaction from your guests, it goes home the way it arrived: blank!

wedding guestbook set up

(photo: Stories Without Words)

In order to capture the thoughts, feelings and stories of your special day, it pays to follow these six simple guidelines:

  1. Place someone you trust in charge of ensuring guests have their attention brought to the guestbook, and gently encourage reluctant signers to think about what they might like to write.
  2. Don’t leave it unattended in a free for all situation once the drinks have started flowing
  3. As nice as it might be to have your young nieces and nephews ‘draw a picture’ once again, do not leave them unattended to assume a blank book has been provided purely for their pleasure, as fill it they will. The same goes for fingerprint trees and wooden hearts!
  4. Have the MC announce to the guests where the guestbook is and encourage the guests to sign it. Later on, pick up any slack with the DJ suggesting the guardian of the book circulate and find any late signers before the book gets put safely away!
  5. If someone can’t make it to the wedding, you can always ask them to sign it afterwards (if that’s possible), or ask them to send a message and have someone write it in for them. In the case of the wooden heart guestbooks, you can always send out the hearts in advance and include them at the wedding.
  6. Finally, don’t assume everyone hears the first, second or even third announcement to sign the book. Older people might not have heard, parents could be distracted with children and so on. Which is why it pays to have a trusted person in charge of the guestbook signing.



Instant Instax Photo Guestbooks




You know that feeling where you want to see the photo the instant you take it?

Too impatient to wait until after an event to see the photos displayed in a guestbook or album?

Well, well, well do we have a solution for your little impatient selves!

Let us introduce our fabulous instax photo guestbooks, which, are not just guestbooks but albums too.

They are just perfect for any type of event where you have friends, family, workmates gathered to celebrate a special occasion.

18th Birthday party coming up? 21st? Or have you sailed past those years and moved graciously into other decades??

It doesn’t matter what birthday youre celebrating, grab an Instax photo guestbook, grab your instax camera, some film and get snapping. As soon as those gorgeous photos pop out, you simply pop them in the book and have your guests write a message next to their photo.

Theses beautiful books are hand crafted by our artisan book binder. We LOVE NZ made, and love to support artisans who produce such wonderful works of art. Made with hands, enjoy watching these guestbooks fill up with photos and messages during your special event, whatever that might be.

Great for:

Children’s Birthday Parties: Imagine their scrumptious faces and their childlike writing. Precious!

This guestbook is so classic and classy, with its black book cloth cover and gold chicago screws. It fits right in with any special event you would like to create, whether it be an Anniversary, Baby shower, graduation or an office leaving party.

I’m sure we don’t need to tell you what fun you could have taking your guestbook album on an adventure with a group of Hens out on the town! Maybe we ought to suggest a sober looker-after-er. Or maybe not, you could wake up the next day to discover some fabulous photo keepsakes of your hilarious night, combined with some interesting messages. And no need to worry about fiddling around with tricky little dots or glue sticks to secure the photos. There are little slits pre cut in the pages so you can safely tuck the photos in. Just like the old fashioned albums.

Our Instant Photo Guestbook has been designed to house the prints taken with a instax mini 8 camera which are all the rage at the moment.


The waiting is over!

No longer will you have to wait ages for your guestbook/album to arrive with your photos intact. These are fabulous gifts to yourself or someone about to celebrate an occasion worthy of recording in photos and words.

A beautiful, playful and thoughtful keepsake in an instant. 

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Win A Wedding Guestbook

Who wants to win a Wedding Guestbook? The prize is our ever popular Fingerprint Wedding Guestbook.
March 08, 2016 by My Guestbook

Julia won a guestbook! Who else wants to win one?

Before we get into that, let’s start with a question:

Weddings In WanakaWhat has my friend Liz, one of our guestbooks and Julia May got in common? 

Answer: They’ve all been to Wanaka, that’s what. Don’t worry, this was not the competition! It was just my way of introducing my favourite subject of the moment into the conversation! Wanaka. More importantly, a particular place in this town only 50 minutes drive from Queenstown, Peak Functions.

I recently shipped one of our guestbooks off to this drop dead gorgeous venue, I know this to be true thanks to the stunning photography on Peak Functions website (more about them in a moment). I wished so much to be making a gloved hand delivery myself to this town nestled on the southern shores of Lake Wanaka so hugely different to my hometown of Manchester! One day I will! I was relaxed just looking at the photographs, imagine actually living and working there!  Debbie and Mandy from Peak functions do and are very excited to be part of such a young but outstanding venue which is Wanaka’s premier, brand new conference and function centre.

Put a pause on looking through those bridal magazines for one moment….

No doubt you have considered many venues to feast your eyes on as a backdrop for your wedding. Now consider this, Peak Functions is centrally located, and unrivalled in both style and functionality – so their website shows me and can easily show you too. And now they can offer something extra to couples who are thinking about using their magnificent venue – *insert drum roll* …..A free voucher for one of our guestbooks when they sign on the dotted line (the contract to hire their facilities not the marriage certificate!).

At a recent expo based at Peak Functions, in which local wedding suppliers were invited to showcase their range of wedding products and services, we were so fortunate to have one of our guestbooks on display.  Between you and me and everyone reading this blog post, I was somewhat anxious, crossing everything that could be crossed hoping NZ post would get it there in time due to a short working week. I needn’t have worried, Auckland to Wanaka overnight - NZ post you rock! The beautifully framed Pohutukawa fingerprint guestbook was widely admired and set up so couples could easily envisage what it might look like at their own wedding. Julia May was the lucky winner at this event. And lucky to be living in such a stunning part of the world too.

We can solve your problem if you can’t make it to Wanaka anytime soon to visit Peak Functions…

As they will be coming to Auckland this weekend. Once again My Guestbook will be teaming up with them to give away a free guestbook when you visit them at The Lake Wanaka stand at the Bride and Groom show, at Ellerslie Racecourse.

As winter has suddenly hit Auckland with a fierceness none of us were prepared for, I wonder perhaps if I open all the windows, put on my gloves, scarf and beanie, I can imagine what it would be like to visit Wanaka. I’m sure my 5 year old would love to make a game of it! Or maybe I’ll just light the fire and get back onto Peak Functions website!


Win With Peak Functions

Win Your Wedding Guestbook

My Guestbook and Peak Functions are joining forces to give you a chance to win a personalised wedding guestbook print. 

Peak Functions is Wanaka’s brand new, premier conference and function venue. Perfectly located with amazing views this venue is stunning have a look at their website and see for yourself. If you are yet to secure a venue for your wedding this would be one place to add to your list.

Entering Our Competition

It's COMPETITION TIME! To be in with a chance to win one of our gorgeous Fingerprint Tree Wedding Guestbooks, simply nominate your favourite bride(s)-to-be in a comment under the facebook post (don't forget to tag yourself if you want to be in the draw to win too!).

The winner will be drawn at random after 5pm on Thursday 29th January 2015. For more terms and conditions : http://www.peakfunctions.co.nz/…/guestbook-promotion-terms…/.


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January 26, 2015 by TRACEY ASHTON

5 Guestbook Mistakes To Avoid

If you're going to have a guestbook at your wedding reception (or any other special event) then it stands to reason that you are going to want to make sure that your guests make the most of it.

With so many wedding guestbook ideas out there it is easy to find one that suits you and your event. The trick is to make sure that as many people are able to sign it as possible - which sounds easy, but there are some really easy mistakes to make that you should try to avoid where possible!

The Guestbook Table Is Too Hidden

You need to make sure that you place your guestbook in a place that people are able to see it and find it easily. If it is too far out of the way or seems to be hidden then people might not notice it and you're going to miss out on capturing some loved ones. We have a free 'sign my guestbook' printable for you to make use of which could help with this.

A Lack of Pens

People are going to need to sign your book, so you need to make it as easy as possible. As much as you trust people, people will get distracted and walk off with pens in their hand/pocket without noticing. On top of the fact that pens run out of ink, fall on the floor and get broken it really makes sense to ensure that you have as many pens for your guests as possible. If you are using one of our guestbook prints each kits comes with one free archival pen you can but more if you wish or you may choose to have a friend or relative looking after your guestbook table to encourage people to sign, have a bit of fun but leave the pens on the table!

Not Enough Light

Make sure that your guestbook is placed is an area that is well -lit and has plenty of people flowing through it. The bar area or near the entrance are both good choices because all of your guests will need to pass through these areas.

People Not Signing

The last thing you want is guests leaving your wedding reception or party without signing your book, so make it as easy for them as possible to do so! Write a note for your MC / DJ before the day so they can encourage guests on your behalf.

Look Back On It Again and Again

Make sure that you and your loved ones look back on the wedding guestbook often. People have left lovely, heart-felt messages in your guestbook and you really don't want these to be forgotten and go to waste. If you have one of our artisan guest books they are very coffee table worthy and our guestbook prints once framed become an art piece you can look at daily.



November 07, 2014 by TRACEY ASHTON

My Guestbook Launches

Hello and welcome to My Guestbook! The weeks have been flying past and we have had a few late nights in order to make sure we launch before wedding season really kicks in and Christmas is upon us! Eek did I really just type the C word?

This weekend we have been in full swing filling the pages with guestbook goodness. Stay tuned next week as we add more designs and release some pretty special giveaways!

Our blog is where you will find useful stuff about guestbooks, events and lots of photos from our customers own events so you can see our guestbooks in action.

We are planning on having some guest bloggers share some expert insights on event topics. We are thinking event planning, weddings, styling an props. 

If you are wondering who we are have a look at our about us page to meet the team.

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